Selling Your Laptop in the UK – the right way

Posted On December 23, 2014

Sales and marketing are an art form; presenting a product in the best light (in every sense) and then convincing someone to pay the price you want for it are not skills that come naturally to all. There are a number of different sales routes to consider when selling an old laptop; some require more

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How Can I Sell My Laptop Safely?

Posted On December 16, 2014

Selling a personal or business laptop is a little different to selling many other items. Most importantly, regardless of how much you may receive once you sell a laptop, you must protect the personal data which may have been stored on your laptop’s hard drive first, or selling your laptop could cost you money in

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Broken Laptop? Fixing it may be easier than you think (Problem #2)

Posted On December 9, 2014

With more and more laptops being sold every day there are is an increase in the number of laptops dying and in need of some desperate TLC. Some people think that a broken laptop means hours comparing models, brands and software all resulting in a large cost at the end. But did you know that

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