Reasons to Trade in Your Laptop

Posted On May 29, 2015

< Many of us have old laptops we are no longer using for one reason or another. The laptop may be too broken to use, have a few niggling faults, or it may simply no longer be needed. You may have bought a new laptop, or you may simply no longer use laptops at all.

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How to Recycle or Sell a Laptop

Posted On May 22, 2015

Nowadays, most of us own a laptop, notebook or tablet – or a combination of the three. Sometimes we decide that we do not want ours anymore because there’s a newer model out and we want the next best thing. Other times, our technology might actually be a little too old for our needs, and

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Why Would Someone Buy My Laptop That’s Broken?

Posted On May 15, 2015

As with all technology, sometimes laptops break. Whether the screen is broken, the keys missing or it won’t start up, unless you have a good knowledge of laptops then you will find it difficult or impossible to fix. Luckily, lots of companies now buy your broken gadgets off you so you can have a head

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