Do we have unrealistic views of the future of technology?

Posted On July 28, 2017

When you think back to the 1980’s when back to the future was first released we all had wild expectations of flying cars and hover boards. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for those because the ones released had wheels and didn’t last long. Since the release of the film, we haven’t lowered our expectations; and why

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Can you build a ship from recycled plastic waste?

Posted On July 24, 2017

You can build a ship made of recycled plastic waste! The ship pictured is a sculpture made entirely of recycled plastic. One environmental charity has unveiled the 30ft war ship highlighting how much plastic waste is dumped on our shores. Many of the bottles and plastics used in the sculpture could have been safely recycled,

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The iPhone 8

Posted On July 19, 2017

We’re approaching the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone, we know.. it’s  hard to imagine a life without smart phones. To celebrate the launch Apple is going to be pulling out all the stops for the iPhone 8; we’re not sure what it will be called yet, but we know Apples been

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