Protecting Your Personal Data

Posted On May 6, 2021

Personal security

Protect yourself when selling a laptop, phone or tablet. It’s always exciting to announce new features, but something we’ve focused on this year is an automated system for data wipe certificates.

Since the introduction of GDPR everybody has become far more aware of personal data. Prior to the introduction of GDPR personal data could be bought or sold; this could be anything from your email address to your mobile phone number. When it comes to selling a laptop, PC or mobile we know how important it is to ensure your personal data is wiped; this includes documents and media.

Many of us spend hours upon hours in front of our computers; we work on confidential documents, store personal photos and email people all over the world. For that reason; we use MOD overwrite standards to ensure all of your data & history is erased.

Recycling as A Business

We don’t just provide this service on singular devices; we also work with companies looking to sell multiple phones or computers at the end of their corporate life.
With these devices, we offer an automated data wipe certificate as proof the devices have been wiped professionally.
We also ensure the devices aren’t’ stolen using Check Mend software, checking each device which we purchase to ensure it’s not stolen property.

So, whether you’re selling us your old mobile phone or are a company selling a large number of computers; we do everything we can to ensure we wipe your media and personal data, and prevent the purchase of stolen goods.

Always Wipe Your Device Before Sending It To Us

While we do everything in our power to ensure your computers are wiped when they reach our offices; we do encourage all of our customers to remove all personal data before they send a device to us. Firstly; to ensure you have a backup of anything you may have stored on your computer. Secondly, while we always endeavour to use a reliable and trustworthy courier; we can’t be responsible should a device go missing with personal data on during transit. 

If you require additional help wiping a computer, laptop, MacBook or iMac, we’ve provided a full data wipe guide here.

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