Selling Your PC Online

Posted On December 10, 2019

It’s easier than you’d think to sell your PC online these days. Wherever you have an old business style desktop or a super modern gaming tower, you’ll find a range of different options to get rid of it. Here at Cash in Your Gadgets we offer the simplest and most straightforward way to sell or

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How to Clean Your Keyboard

Posted On April 16, 2018

Did you know your computer keyboard is one of the most forgotten about objects when cleaning? Having a clean keyboard can help you sell your laptop for more money. How Is it So Dirty? When you consider how often your computer is used and how often it’s cleaned; it’s easy to see how it’s so

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How To Make New Gadgets Last Longer

Posted On April 9, 2018

Everybody has that fear when they buy a new device that the battery will eventually become as poor as it’s predecessor; for this reason, we thought we’d write you a blog on how to make new phones and laptops last longer. Phones & PC’s Some of these tips may sound obvious but they really can

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