Protecting Your Personal Data

Posted On May 6, 2021

Protect yourself when selling a laptop, phone or tablet. It’s always exciting to announce new features, but something we’ve focused on this year is an automated system for data wipe certificates. Since the introduction of GDPR everybody has become far more aware of personal data. Prior to the introduction of GDPR personal data could be bought

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Olympic Medals To Be Made Out Of Recycled Gadgets

Posted On February 15, 2019

While most companies are talking about going green; the Olympics in Tokyo is truly taking it to the next level with medals made from recycled laptops. All the medals in the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo next year will be made from recycled electronic waste. This discarded waste will include mobiles, laptops, desktops and handheld

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Where Did Your Old Laptop Go?

Posted On January 23, 2019

Gadget Recycling

Ok, so you did the wrong thing, you didn’t sell your old laptop to Cash In Your Gadgets; instead, you threw it in the bin…so where is it now? Probably in a landfill somewhere… it could actually be anywhere in the world. What Happens To Recycled PC’s For those of you who did the right thing

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