Top Kid’s Tablets

Posted On February 26, 2018

This week we’re looking at the top kid’s tablets; it’s surprising to find out how little kids tablets cost in comparison to adult ones, especially as they are twice as durable. When you ask a parent with a broken tablet screen how it happened; chances are the answer is either ‘i dropped it’ or ‘the

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Whats better for university a laptop or tablet?

Posted On September 7, 2017

It’s challenging trying to save money for university and equip yourself with all the things you need for your course. Having the right laptop or tablet can help with your studies but, which is right for you? That depends on the course you’re taking, if it’s an art degree, chances are a Microsoft surface will

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Cash in Your Gadgets for Money towards a New Gadget

Posted On April 22, 2016

We have all heard the term “trade in for cash back” when referring to vehicles and buying and selling them. Did you know that this can apply to your used electronic devices as well? There are places online that will buy your old electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, tablets and PC’s and either

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