Ways to Make Old Gadgets into New Tech

Posted On July 27, 2018

These days it feels like we’re forever selling our old gadgets, or the alternative, sticking them in a draw until we move house. Unfortunately, this does the gadget and our planet no good unless they are safely recycled by companies like Cash In Your Gadgets. This week we thought we’d share some wisdom on what

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Nintendo’s new Labo Vehicle Kit

Posted On July 15, 2018

Nintendo has just released their new Labo Vehicle Kit; created out of cardboard it’s almost totally recyclable! Created for the Switch games console, they have developed 3D recyclable accessories which come flat-packed ready for you to assemble. The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Add-ons include a steering wheel, gas pedal, keys and more. Now the price feels quite steep

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Renewable Energy to Produce Gadgets

Posted On June 15, 2018

Could renewable energy become something we commonly see in the production of mobile phones? The mobile giant Samsung announced this week they will be using 100% renewable energy in the future for all its factories based in EU, USA and China. In their promise, they also stated they will use renewable energy in their offices

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