Planning to Sell Your Laptop? But What Happens To It?

Posted On February 27, 2019

Laptop for a Back to School

At Cash In Your Gadgets we don’t just recycle old gadgets, if your laptop is in a good working condition, what reason would there be to break it down and recycle every part? Here’s what happens when you sell your laptop to Cash In Your Gadgets

The Sorting Process

When laptops, Mac’s and desktops arrived at our facilities, we have to assess each device. At this point, a decision is made whether it can be used, or if it needs recycling. Devices are so well built nowadays they are often scrapped because they have slowed down rather than completely broken.

Recycle, Repair and Re-use

Part of recycling is also repairing and re-using; even when a laptop has a little damage or a faulty part we have the ability to fix them. Due to the volume of computers we have passing through our doors we have plenty of spare parts.

Unfortunately, sometimes computers will come to us in a condition which cannot be saved; from worn out components to beaten up shells. However, these laptops can be harvested for useful parts before the remaining computer is recycled.

Why Repairing A Computer Is Important

Repairing a working computer is vital to ensure those who can’t necessarily afford a brand new PC has the opportunity to purchase some of the latest technology.

Our repaired laptops often end up in schools, charities and companies which require technology without the price tag of the most modern devices.

When you sell us your laptop, whether its recycled or repaired we can guarantee it goes towards a greener planet. It prevents the need for new resources being mined to create new devices, and it prevents your old gadgets ending up in a landfill.

So if you’re looking to sell your laptop to Cash in Your Gadgets visit to organise a collection of your PC. It’s quick, simple and will go towards a greener planet.

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